This Knox (Forever)

To My Friend, My Brother, Knox - this clothing collection is for you.

We met on the football field at The Lu. You had a swagger about you, a chip on your shoulder that I could relate to. 
You had so many talents; athletic, gifted, caring, creative, a force to be reckoned with. 
Over the years we became brothers, a team; all in.
You were there for me during the darkest of times; using your music and your melodies to help soothe my aching soul. 
I remember when you first performed at my Father’s funeral; “Nothin But Love”. Your songwriting and artistry were top notch.
Years later, you’re performing again at my Mother’s funeral; still showing “nothin but love”. 
You always had my back and supported my creative ventures.
You were one of the first Nyn To Fyv customers; always encouraging me, showing me love & support. 
I remember when you wore my shirt on your 1st album cover; what an honor that is & was; that memory still brings me chills & tears of joy. 
You were also Nyn To Fyv’s first client; trusting me to recreate your brand/logo & producing a collaboration, a symbol of our brotherhood; that will forever be solidified in our clothing. 
You always showed me Nothing But Love, and I know in my heart and believe that you always felt the same from me too. 
I’m so grateful for the friendship & the memory that is you. 
Rest In Peace & Fly High, until we meet again. 
- Nyn To Fyv